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Easting values are established as the distance from the central meridian of a zone. The extra two digits describe a position within the 1-kilometre square.

This is because the first map below uses an older datum than the one below that. Grid references are useful for sharing routes, and quickly communicating to emergency services. For the church in Little Plumpton, this gives the digits 6 and 7 6 on the left to right axis Eastings and 7 on the bottom to top axis Northings.

Grid lines on maps define the coordinate systemand are numbered to provide a unique reference to features. The refers to the height of the hill in metres. Since the Eastings and Northings are one kilometre apart, a combination of a Northing and an Easting will give a four-digit grid reference describing a one-kilometre square on the ground.

And this is the system described here. The closest intersection to Hill is the intersections of the Easting line 69 with the Northing line In NSW, the 1: It describes the intersection of two lines.

Hence the Easting coordinate is Then measure how far along the grid the lines are.

Grid references

The convention is the grid reference numbers call out the lower-left corner of the desired square. Reference systems Understanding reference systems used by bushwalkers When sharing a grid reference, bushwalkers must be clear on the reference system being used, else the points will not necessarily match up.

In this example, the Northings have a zero at the front. Tools Coordinate plotting tools can aid plotting grid points on maps. The hill lies on a grid line meaning that for a six-digit grid reference, the Easting has to include a zero at the end. The Universal Transverse Mercator UTM system, which describes a point in terms of metres, is most commonly used by modern topographic maps.

However, since the margin of error in a four digit this grid coordinate is 1km square outlined in orangethis reference could describe any of the features from the hill in question, to a gully or a creek junction. Hence the Northing coordinate is This reference describes a metre by metre square, and not a single point, but this precision is usually sufficient for navigation purposes.

Eastings are written before Northings. Draw perpendicular lines from Hill to intersect with the Easting and Northing lines. The reference is a six-digit grid reference with a Easting and Northing.

They refer to the name of the map in question, a practical and quick solution for sharing information. The more digits, the more accurate the grid reference.

GPS Datum - 5 or 6 Figures?

Grid references comprising larger numbers for greater precision could be determined using large-scale maps and an accurate Romer. Often, bushwalkers describe a hill by its height, unless another name is written on the map typical for popular and distinctive hills. These are added to the four-figure grid reference after the two digits describing the same coordinate axisand thus our six-figure grid reference for the church becomes However, on a global scale, there would be many identically-numbered grid locations unless the specific UTM zone is also reported, along with a context for the Easting and Northing lines.

The location is Mount Woolnough. When reading a grid reference, Eastings always come first, followed by the Northings. A GPS unit commonly gives a ten-digit grid reference, based on two groups of five numbers for the Eastings and Northing values.

In the UTM system, the earth is divided into 60 zones. Bushwalkers often share grid references of campsites or camp caves, obstacles or challenges on a walk, where to get through a cliff line, where to cross a river or what route to take.

Describing the location of the hill labelled The growing availability and decreasing cost of handheld GPS receivers enables determination of accurate grid references without needing a map, but it is important to know how many digits the GPS displays to avoid reading off just the first six digits.

The grid point is the top of a knoll on a large flat hill top. GPS units fail in regions where the sky is partially or wholly obstructed caves, cliff lines, canyons.

An 8-digit grid reference is even more accurate than a 6-digit one and has an accuracy of 10 m2. This reference is normally based on projected easting and northings History[ edit ] Although professional map-making and use of the grid had existed in China beforethe Chinese cartographer and geographer Pei Xiu of the Three Kingdoms period was the first to mention a plotted geometrical grid reference and graduated scale displayed on the surface of maps to gain greater accuracy in the estimated distance between different locations.

To take a four figure grid reference you take the Easting first (taking the number that is bottom left of the square you are looking for) and then the Northing. Regardless of which map you are using – this places you in a 1 km square box, in this case, On a 6-figure grid reference the last digit refers to a tenth of the distance between the 1km grid reference lines, so the reference is only accurate to within metres.

With an 8-figure reference, the last figure in each half of the reference (the easting and the. 14 Figure Grid References 1.

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How to read a 14 – figure New Zealand Grid Reference 2. A 6-figure grid reference is 6 numbers: made up of a 3 figure Easting (numbers along the bottom) and a 3 figure Northing (numbers up the side) The middle of Auckland Harbour Bridge = Numerical grid references consist of an even number of digits.

Grid reference

Eastings are written before Northings. Thus in a 6 digit grid referencethe Easting component is and the Northing component is Grids may be arbitrary, or can be based on specific distances, for example some maps use a one-kilometre square grid spacing.

To convert between grid points, users add m to the Eastings, and m to the Northings. As a practical example, for a 6-digit grid reference, add 1 to the Eastings (the first three digits), and 2 to the Northings (the second three digits).

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Since, in the UK at least, a 6-figure grid reference identifies a square of metre sides, an 8-figure reference would identify a metre square, and a digit reference a 1-metre square.

In order to give a standard 6-figure grid reference from a figure GPS readout, the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th digits must be omitted so it is important not.

How to write a 14 figure grid reference 4962899
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